Tuition & Fees

Matriculating students pay the ‘core’ tuition-based undergraduate fee during the applicable semester’s cost per credit hour, listed on the Office of the Bursar’s website. A full-time Post-Bacc student pays the same tuition-based fees for any credits taken above 12 credits per semester.

Additional Fees

Other fees based on applicable semester costs, as published on the Bursar’s website, include:

  • Matriculation fee
  • General university fee
  • Infrastructure fee
  • Transit fee
  • Technology fee

Financial Aid

Due to federal regulations, students in Program A are not eligible for federal student financial assistance; if financial aid is needed, they must secure private loans.

Program B students are eligible for one year of federal financial aid assistance through the Office of Financial Aid: Students matriculating in the one-year Post-Bacc Certificate Program have access to federal loans.

Post-Bacc students are considered to be undergraduates, so when applying for financial aid, do not list yourself as enrolled in a graduate program on your FAFSA. This entitles you to be eligible for loans at the undergraduate level loan limits.

Student Housing

Students may apply for University housing as a formally accepted Certificate Program students. Requests will be considered on a space-available basis. Typically, Post-Baccalaureate students opt to live in off campus housing.