General Program Questions

What is the difference between Program A and Program B?

Program A is a two-year program for individuals who do not have the required science courses for application to professional school.

Program B is a one-year program for individuals who desire to pursue upper-division courses to strengthen their science backgrounds.

Do I need to take a standardized exam?

No. The GRE, MCAT, DAT, SAT, and/or ACT are not required to apply. You should not be required to upload these as part of your Graduate School application, but if you are, please reach out to Sue Ruggiero to have this application requirement waived.

Are students admitted to the Post-Baccalaureate Program eligible for a student visa?

Unfortunately, UConn cannot issue the Form I-20 to sponsor student visas for admitted students to this program. However, international students who are in the U.S. with a visa that permits incidental study may apply.

May I use the Post-Baccalaureate Program to remediate past coursework?

The Program is not intended as a remedial opportunity. The program is intended to supplement existing and successful prior coursework. Performance in post-baccalaureate coursework does not “cancel out” previously earned grades.

Will completing the program result in an automatic acceptance into the School of Medicine or School of Dental Medicine?

No.  Applicants applying to professional schools are considered with the same criteria as others applying to those same professional schools. However, the track record for the Post-Baccalaureate Program shows an outstanding placement record.

Approximately how many students are accepted into the program?

The Program is designed for a limited number of highly competitive applicants. Due to the highly selective nature of the program, approximately 3-5 students are selected for Program A and 12-15 students are selected for Program B annually.

Does the program include MCAT/DAT test preparation?

A test preparation class is not specifically included as part of the Post-Baccalaureate Program, but the University does offer a Spring MCAT review class that Post-Baccalaureate pre-medical students are encouraged to enroll in.

How many letters of recommendation should I have?

We require three letters of recommendation. Ideally, your letters will be from professors, advisers, or other colleagues and recommenders who know you well and can provide a comprehensive review of your life and quality as a candidate.

How long do I have to complete all required elements of my application for interview consideration?

The deadline to submit applications is May 1; however, applications are reviewed and acceptances are offered on a rolling basis, so early submission is encouraged.

Can I request an application fee waiver?

The Graduate School waives the application fee for prospective students associated with a number of organizations and partnerships, listed here. The Pre-Medical and Health Professions Post-Baccalaureate Program does not offer waivers beyond those provided by the Graduate School.

When will I receive my certificate after successful completion of the program?

Students are first required to complete a Plan of Study form to apply for graduation within the semester they will complete the program. The form must be signed by the program advisor prior to submitting it to Graduate School’s Office of the Registrar. The Plan of Study form is posted to the Graduate School’s website and can be accessed here.

The program advisor will verify that all grades and credits meet the minimum for successful completion of the certificate before a copy is mailed to the student’s permanent residence address, typically within a few weeks of program completion.

Technical/Application Questions

I am trying to submit my application but the system says it is “incomplete.”

Please make sure that you have answered all the required questions and attached all the required documents including your unofficial transcript, residence affidavit, personal statement, resume/CV, and Pre-Med/Pre-Dent certificate supplemental form, three professional letters of recommendation, and paid your application fee online.

I filled out and uploaded all the required documents but some of them look strange on the preview.

If you know you filled out the forms but they look strange in the preview, do not despair, as this is likely an effect of the preview system. If there are problems with the forms themselves we will contact you directly.

When should I upload/submit my transcripts?

Please upload an unofficial transcript with your initial application under the “Educational Institutions” tab. You will not be able to submit your application without one, and you will receive notifications that your application is “incomplete.” We cannot review applications until a transcript (either official or unofficial) is received. You do not need to submit an official transcript until you have been offered admission.

The system says my online application is “incomplete,” despite having attached all required documentation and paying my application fee.

If you have no standardized test scores to load, this field may default to “incomplete.” Because it is not a requirement (but is an option) to enter test scores into your application, you can e-mail the Pre-Medical & Pre-Dental Office at premed_predental@UConn.edu to request a change to the status of this field to “Complete” in your online application if you have no scores to report.

Can I have my references submit their letters of recommendation by mail?

Yes, as long as you still list them on your application so we can make sure to expect the letter.

Where should I mail official transcripts, letters of recommendation,  or other documents?

Official Transcripts should be mailed to the graduate school at:

Whetten Graduate Center
438 Whitney Road Extension, Unit 1152
Storrs, Ct 06269

Letters of recommendation and other documentation should be sent to:

Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Advising Office
Post-Baccalaureate Program
University of Connecticut
368 Fairfield Way, Unit 4147
Storrs, CT 06269

Please address unanswered questions related to the online application to UConn’s Graduate School Systems Administrator, Lisa Pane, at lisa.pane@uconn.edu.